Gary Albach
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Hi Gerry – sounds like you’ve made a good start, my friend. Good to hear that the radio is playing ‘noise-free’. I think you mentioned that the radio you borrowed from Bill was the TransOceanic T600 that I restored for him. I did the final circuit testing and initial alignment with a 1R5 tube in place of the original 1L6, then temporarily put the 1L6 back in for alignment on the higher shortwave bands. I put the 1R5 back in for Bill to use for broadcast band operation and it may still be in there. If so, it’s probably worth trying your PSU with the T600 in its original factory configuration with the 1L6 to see how it sounds on the higher shortwave bands. The 1L6 is noticeably more sensitive than a 1R5. I’m really looking forward to testing your circuit in a few other T/O models and its clones.