Wayne Brown
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Hi Phil and thanks very much for your reply and now i dont feel so alone on here.Also thank you so much for your work and dedication to the CVRS as i like anything Canadian and im not a radio collector but just the son of a much loved father who sold radios back in the 20s & early 30s.

The Ak light-up advertising sign is valued at about $650.USD and was used on the AK model 35 exclusively.Have talked to guys in the know and it certainly is quite rare and one AK collector said hed only seen about 8 of these signs in his 30 yrs. of collecting and is currently looking for one.I told him this ones not for sale and just wanted to post it on a Canadian Radio forum where it belongs as my Dad`s radio shop was in St Marys,Ont.Canada.

Im sorry i dont have any opinions on how to make this forum more productive as im not well versed in this capacity.But ill continue to occassionaly post with pics and radio related items in hopes of having some correspondence with forum members.Again,i thank you Phil for all your work on this forum and for your reply.