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I have two TV’s one is and RCA and one is Setchell Carlson. the SC has multiple chassis that can be swapped out for servicing , an dinteresting design. the RCA has a Bakelite case with rounded corners and there is an example of a similar one in the SPARC museum. The Setchell Carlson evidently has a broken wire on the flyback transformer but it isnt burned and it might be possible to pick up the end and fix it. the setchell carlson is in a really nice wooden case and has rounded corners so it also has a unique look and would be a worthwhile restoration. If you come to BC I would be happy to show you both. In our BC chapter we don’t seem to have too many TV collectors and I think if someone started attending with an interest in TV’s they would find people would bring interestign items. I have some different kinds of testers for example a CRT tester and signal generators with TV frequencies, tubes, CRT brighteners. If you are into TV’s it might be possible to put the wordo ut at the next meeting that you would be coming and maybe we could flush some of that stuff out. I think most radio collectors have enough with their radio restorations. I think most would be really happy to see someone take an interest and to see some TV restorations taking place.
They were pretty popular with the movie props companies because they like to use old TV
s to set the era on TV sets. a lot of those got rented out and carted around, I brought a heavy metal cased portable to the last meeting and sold it at a fairly low price. I appreciated the style and looks of it but need to pair down a little especially with projects I can’t see completing in the next while. I do have a collection of NIB flyback transformers, some may be from color TV’s don’t really know for sure..