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I have done a few in the garage wiht spray bombs until I seemed to be buying a lot of them, then I switched to a HPLV gun, it requires very little air pressure and flow so even a small compressor is enough,it holds about as much as a small cup of coffee. the spray pattern is way better than the bombs but they work pretty well too. I like to be able to add just a little of the Mohawk brown stain to the clear. extra dark walnut or American walnut. In my opinion they should never have really true clear, the old finishes never do because they have darkened , you see that if you strip a radio the stuff that comes off, it is never clear if it is original and old. so I aim for the lacquer to look like coffee. I find it hard to get really even coverage with the toners, btu the spray bombs work fine for most. I haven’t notice issues with the lacquer quality. However I spray I like to use the wool lube from Mohawk, and super fine steel wool and work over the finish after it has cured a week or so , it takes off the super high sine plastic look and smooths them out nicely.

one thing I find is that I wan to fill the grain with lacquer which takes many coats, I think it would be better to use grain fillers for that, some don’t mind them so they feel the grain when you run your hands across. I think it is a matter of preference, but good to decide if you wan that piano finish or not , know the end result you wish for, before you start in other words.