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With all the dark toner removed, the veneer looks astounding! I see it a lot where people strip a radio then finish it with a lot less toner. I can see why they do it because they don’t want to hide the beautiful grain pattern and that is exactly what the heavy toner does. also they have usually darkened from time,the wood darkens from age and the laquer even if clear when put on is now anything but clear. So do we aim for a restoration where it looks right for it’s age or do we aim for that showroom shine? bit of a dilemma isn’t it? You can really see what I mean if you look at the original pics of the area just to the left and right of the speaker cloth. In those original pics you can barely make out any grain pattern, with a clearer finish you can see the grain, but in the pics with the original finish is almost gone, buried under the heavy toner, masked by age too.
In my mind a perfect restoration is one where one can’t decide if it has been refinished or if it was just kept on grandmas sideboard where it was protected from the elements and cleaned and cared for.
it’s almost that warm now. and the radio looks great!

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