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Less forums would be simpler. I think we have very little worry about people posting in the wrong place and that anything we can do to simplify the forum could pay off in a higher post count. Bear in mind that the radio collecting community in general has a lot of seniors that aren’t as tech savvy as the younger generation, so the website and forum should reflect that fact.

if you want to see your past posts, That is really easy, just click on your name or the little mug shot of the “snowman” above it.

My suggestion is to get rid of all of these places to seek help with the forum and the website and just reduce the forum to about three simple forums with no subforums.

Restoration Of Radio and related items, this could include old ham equipment and telephones and whatever, it could also include cabinet restoration.

for sale / wanted – this section has need for a separate forum.

Info – this could include upcoming events, links to other websites, and any technical data or submissions to the newsletter, as well as any feedback about the forum or website. I don’t think we should use any sub forums at all.

The result would be that these three forums would get busier. Yes we may all skip a few posts that are not of interest to us but I think the number of forums is causing grief and people tend to just go elsewhere rather than trying to figure it all out. Remember a lot of these posters are in their 70’s and don’t have a huge amount of patience for this sort of stuff. we need to make it easy. every forum is just another wall. We can always grow if the post count supports this and after people are more used to the software. That’s my opinion.

In reality we are at what? somewhere around one post per day if we are lucky? we need more posts to make it interesting. The web developers see it from a very different light than the elderly users, and it is the elderly users that have the most experience to offer.

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