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Willie Helmer
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Greetings to all,
I just stumbled into this conversation and, since I recently acquired a Electrohome 6T-8 and am in the process of restoring it, I would appreciate some help.

Does anyone know anything about the printed circuit used in this radio? It appears to be a PC 151A, but I can hardly read it. I have no indication of the values for the capacitors – are those values in mF? nF? The schematic provided by Doug Parker (thank you, Doug, your schematic was a life saver) makes no reference to the printed circuit. I managed to check the resistors mas got readings that make no sense when checking the capacitors.

I would prefer not to replace the printed circuit with individual components, if I can avoid it, but would like to receive suggestions from someone knowledgeable about these things. Of course, after that I may have more questions, and I am hopeful someone will kindly answer them.

So long,