Jim Sirtonski
CVRS Member

Hello. The number of possible faults that prevent your radio from powering up is huge. It could be something as simple and inexpensive as an open power cord. It could also be something as simple as a defective power transformer but that would certainly not be inexpensive. If it’s a blown fuse, then that would appear to be a simple repair but, something would have caused the fuse to blow and simply replacing it without examining for cause could potentially leave behind a serious and dangerous condition. Your console comes from an era where few schematics exist or are available. I can’t even find a Sam’s Photofact for this model, but that’s not to say that one doesn’t exist. If you are an experienced electronics tech familiar with vintage equipment, you won’t need a schematic to determine why this device is not working. If you’re not experienced then you’ll need to find someone who is. The very unfortunate part of this is that the cost to troubleshoot and repair this radio may very well (probably will) far exceed the value of your console. If it has some sentimental value then an investment to repair might make sense. Good luck.