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Ralph Spracklin
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Hello Moreau
I have two W780Y Radios. There could a very slight difference in that of the W780B model but it should/will be very close. I don’t have the R207 as I misplaced it a while back. But yes, the RS-207 should have the stringing diagram, as well as alignment procedure, should you be able to find it. However, I am leaving to go out of town for about ten days in a few hours from now, when I get back, I will try to get you some close-up hi-defination pics ot the dial string set-up if you are still in need of it. It is a fairly simple setup. I also have somewhere an identical wiring diagram for another Westinghouse model which has like setup.

For anyone looking for Dial String Diagrams for American built radios, See link shown below, to “Stringing-Guide”, by Sam’s.