Ralph Spracklin
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Further checking of the chassis, shows that someone has messed around with the wiring of the present Rectifier and tied together the two Yellow wires from each side. of the rectifier set-up it self. What else I do not know, but I will eventually find out. So I will assemble a new one and install it, cutting out the original AEG canister all together.
Having checked out all the specs on different Silicone Diodes, I agree that these, 5000 Series Diodes are a better choice to use. I am going out shortly to see if I can find, locally, somewhere that I can purchase some 5000 Series Silicone Diodes. Maybe I will get lucky at the Source, but I doubt it. If not there is always Amazon. I use to depend on Sayal Electronics, for things I needed in a hurry, but since they closed down the store in Barrie, I find it takes to much time and fuel to go to the Vaughn store, which depending on traffic can take the best part of an hour, one way. And in this case, it would result in some very expensive diodes.