Ralph Spracklin
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Hello Dan
Evening Dan

This Radio seems to be a strange bird. The name plate clearly says T Eaton Co, The chassis clearly looks North American made????
Did you post the correct pictures? The Radio shown is Clearly a “MINERVA” Model, possibly either built in Germany, by The Carl Lockmann Co. or in Austria, by one Wilhelm Wohleber. Wohleber, started building radios around 1927. He ran afoul of things with the names he chose to manufacturer radios under. Names like Radiola, which was already protected by Trademark by RCA. Other names he used also caused him grief, including the name “Minerva” , which by the way, was already used by Lockmann in Berlin, Germany. That is why I say that the pictures posted could in all probability be of either German or Austrian origin. Could it be that someone, for whatever reason, falsely placed a wrong name plate on your radio. Did you find a proper schematic for it. I suppose that it is possible that Electrohome also used the name Minerva to manufacturer this radio in North America???? We should also remember that Electrohome, being a Kitchener Company,with lots of German connections, seeing that Kitchener it self was once named Berlin. Seems like we may have a riddle here, waiting to be solved.