Ralph Spracklin
CVRS Member

Those German sets can be complicated, especially the schematics for some of those German Radios. However find the filament pins on your tubes, and trace the filament leads back to the Power Supply source. One of those filament supply leads will take you to Resistor R16, (220) ohms. thru to Diode (GR-B) which connects to the Electrolytic Capacitor you are looking for C106, 50 mf. It’s got to be there somewhere. It may not be even in close proximity to the main Power Supply Transformer(s) itself. I say this as the schematic itself does not tell us whether both sections of the Transformer(s) as shown, are actually an integral unit or two separate transformer units. (One of those filament supply leads could possibly be a ground.) They don’t, even on the schematic, show the filament pin connections, let alone the pin number on the tubes. You can find this on the Data Sheets for said tubes. However, it should be an easy trace, as it is, in the filament voltage source supply line.

PS: Are there any components located on the underside of the main Board???