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Ralph Spracklin
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You Say: “I have looked over this chassis and THERE IS NOTHING to tune in the station other then the drum with the plastic round dial .”
Then you say there is no way to tune stations other than the Push Buttons. Then you say that ths Gray Ring that’s atop the Dial Drum protudes outside the cabinet and that its not binding when radio is installed in cabinet. That Gray Ring is your tuning dial, and I guess that is why I am not following you. Now of course, when the radio is out of its cabinet, you would have no marker indicating the frequency of any station AM or SW, because that indicator line is/should be on the clear lens mounted in the Bezel Assembly on the front of the cabinet. You would have to mcgiver a tuning indicator line for Alignment purposes, not any other choice, but could be done. I sppose trying to Align with radio in cabinet might be asking for al lot.
Sorry if im being a bit dense.