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Dan Walker
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I guess I will take some more photos and post them
I have looked over this chassis and THERE IS NOTHING to tune in the station other then the drum with the plastic round dial .
The shaft that comes up from the center of the tuning cap has the round drum attached to it [sort of like a cover on a merry go round].
The drum is removable.
The metal drum has a set screw in it so you can rotate it and set the drum in any position you want.
When I change bands the light bulb moves up and down so the light shines in the bottom, center or top of the plastic
when I am on AM the bulb is at the top [where the AM indicator is]

If I tune in a station; lets say 700 I will undo the set screw and rotate the thing so that the light shining from the rear shines on 700 and then tighten the set screw.
It is a bulb with out a narrow gap in front, so the light covers a wide area.

I am thinking of putting something with a narrow slit over the bulb,so it is more or less focused.

Steve, it would be nice to have the instructions for the alignment. They might shed some light on the issue.
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I will post some more photos a little later this morning
Dan in Calgary

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