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Ralph Spracklin
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Mr Moe Sir
Sorry for not getting back to you as I have still been dealing with that sore wrist. However I have checked out my panelimg suppy which I have have saved from a 65 year old wardrobe closet. Nice paneling. And we can use it at no cost to you. I may even use some of it to build a custom cabinet for my thirteen tube Stromberg Carlson. I have not yet worked out all the details on how to proceed with this project at the present time. It will be necessary for me to get lots of good pics from all angles, of the radio itself, as well as lots of measurements of the chassis. I call it the chassis/base 9of radio itself) even though it is made of wood. Accuracy on this project will indeed be important, as when it comes to your fitting the set into the cabinet, it has to be a good fit. Any way we will cross that bridge as we need to. For most things related here, I will do it by Private Messaging with you.