Ralph Spracklin
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You have got me thinking again on this one. I am assuming that the Dial Drum is rotating behind a clear plastic cover located on the Bezel which is still on the radio cabinet. If that is so, I would suggest tuning the radio, while it is in the cabinet, to a known frequency and placing a thin vertical strip of colored tape on that clear plastic bezel and that line would become your Tuning Indicator mark. I would also assume that this Dial Indicator strip should be dead center above the lineup of the five Push Buttons. Also Dan, you seem to be still saying that there is NO WAY to tune stations, when radio is in its cabinet, other than by pushing the Push Buttons. Push Buttons are usually meant for AM Stations. That would mean you have no way to tune Short Wave Statons. Is it possible that maybe there was some sort of swing lever attached to that tuning drum, which protruded thru the front of the Dial Face and which has somehow broken off and lost. There has to be something you/we are missing. But we are making Progress with this strange setup. Have I lost us all yet??? Some close-up pictures o/f that bezel, from the inside of the cabinet and the outside might help.