Dan Walker
CVRS Member

Well here are the photos.
There is nothing to tun in the stations other than the push buttons.
The dial drum does rotate on the shaft, and the shaft goes straight down to the tuning cap.
There is a bulb behind the dial and when you go to Short Wave the bulb moves up and down it light up which band you are on.
I have looked everywhere and you would have to use your hand to turn the dial, as it does turn quite freely.
When you turn the dial by hand, it is connected[by a gear] to the tuning cap and it rotates.
You would tune short wave the same way once the band switch is turned to Short Wave

I can see how it works quite easily. but I still think they [SPARTON] could have made a better system
By the way, all the tubes check out OK and the chassis has not been messed with . I was told that it works
Dan in Calgary