Ralph Spracklin
CVRS Member

I don’t give up easily! Seeing how they called this setup the “Swing Dial” Maybe by just rolling the top ring of the Dial Face with your thumb that whole top ring, the whole Dial Face, would Swing/Turn, with the help of a smaller gear which aids in the turning of the tuning codenser. Also, the actual dial face/drum, on which Station Numbering is printed also seems to say that this whole Dial drum must swing in both directions. I would suppse they called it “Swing Dial” for this reason, as it swings from Left to Right. If it does not turn, maybe it is frozen/seized. From one of the pics you have posted I can make out a portion of that dial drum atop the Tuning Condensr. In other words it is the Dial Drum with its Lettering which turns. Rather than having an indicator, usually attached to a string, which moves. Also on your particular set I do not see a large pulley wheel as I see on other “Selectronne Models” Maybe my mind is running wild again, But there has to be a logical answer to this. Also as push Buttons are usually used to tune AM Stations, how else would one tune Short Wave???