Ralph Spracklin
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Hey, what’s going on here? I just made a reply to mr-moe, it showed the transaction was completed and accepted. But when I re-opened mr-moe’s post, it had dissappeared into the ether.
Shere goes again.

Evening mr-moe

Couldn’t resist responding to this one. I may be wrong (not the first time), but your chances of finding such a beast is highly unlikely. But then worth a try. However all is not lost. This cabinet is of very simple design, in fact, with the use of a table saw an a router and a few bits, along with a few pieces of Mahogany, a little hardware you could build just about an exact replica yourself. Mahogany is not cheap. But a couple of short visits to Habitat for Humanity, you should easily come up with an old solid mahogany bedroom dresser or cabinet, from which you could salvage enough mahogany for the project. Yes these old pieces of furniture may have some flaws, some nicks and scratches, but that’s OK, it will better represent the era of your radio. Personally, I would measure, cut & shape all pieces, and pre-finish all pieces, and assemble all pieces to form the box using nice rounded “L” Clips on the inside corners. Lots of pics on the internet, so that you should be able to come up with a reasonable facsimile. Somewhere you should be able to find a couple of decorative rosebuds which you can glue on to the two uprights. No one but yourself may ever know the difference. And besides, a cabinet of your own making is much better than no cabinet at all. As for myself I could get a lot of satisfaction from a woodworking project such as this. Maybe I get it from my Grandfather, who along with his brother, handmade, in the old Church, all the railings and spindles around the alter, choir loft, and balconies, as well as the intricate carvings on the main Lectern with its winding staircase, which they also designed and built. Sadly their work was lost at the hands arsonists, who torched the old sanctuary a few years back. All, for me was not lost, because I have a very nice picture of myself standing in that lectern. Your post carries me back to a time when I was much younger. Of course you do not have to limit yourself to the use of mahogany.

LOL with your radio project