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Ralph Spracklin
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Matt and John

I think the 4 Amp confusion entered into the equation in the fact that two times the filament draw of both 2X3s, equaled 4 Amps, And indeed you are correct about the 5Y3 draw being 2 Amps. And I am confident the 5Y3 tube will serve Mat well. I can only assume that Rogers used thse two 2Y3 tubes as a ploy to be able to say that the tube count on this radio was higher, therefore a better radio. This would also justify the higher asking price. But man, the prices of these Power Transformers, at Hammod, are out of this world. And Matt, if you shop around a bit, you may be able to find a couple of radios on the block for the cost of a new transformer. This would also supply you with a lot of other good parts, tubes and all. It sounds lile you are in the Toronto area of Ontario. I would think there are a few of these sets out there, And Matt, what’s the problem with the OVRS, internet site. Dosen’t seem to be working very well.