Matt Newman
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Ralph and John,

Congratulations Ralph on your return home. I trust your recovery goes well. I am 82 and I have no idea how I made it this far. The pros and cons of SS vs. tube rectification are very interesting. Thanks for the BlueGlow URL. It’s a keeper. And, thanks, John, for introducing me to the SSR. The Crosley 7D732 came with two sockets for the 2X3s. I changed out one of of those sockets for a 5Y3 to accommodate for the need for pin #6. Unless there is a transformer available without a 5 volt filament secondary, I’ll likely stay with the Hammond 273BX as best available option (up to now). Would not use the 5 volt secondary. I’ll see how that goes first with an eye on a solid state rectifier for the future. I just hope 5 volt @ 3 amps is okay instead of 5 volts @ 4 amps (does not seem to be available). I will check out the transformer question at the upcoming OVRA meeting on March 19. There may be an off chance someone knows of a used replacement (???).

All the best for now,

73, Matt