Matt Newman
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Unforunately Hammond does not offer a forth option. Other sources will be checked for 5 volts at 4 amps. BTW, I wil be using the 5Y3 instead of the two 2X3s. A new socket has been installed for the 5Y3 due to the need for pin 6. In the event a transformer with 5 volts and 4 amps cannot be found, will the Hammond 273BX (5 volts and 3 amps) be okay as next best availabe?

For your information and other readers, the speaker socket on my 7D732 had to be replaced. I thought this was “unobtainium”, but found a replcement at Surplus Sales of Nebraska. Also, for pilot lamps, I found two LED replacements, 6.5 volts with a BA15S base on Amazon.

Thanks for your help and advce on this project.