Ralph Spracklin
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Morning Matt
Rogers Majestic and Deforest Crosley used these tubes in over 120 Models during the years 1937-1941′ Both these tubes were of the octal type base. The 2X3 is/was a 1/2 wave rectifier, which was the equivalent of just one half of that of the 5Y3, a full wave rectifiter. In other words the 5Y3 contained two 2X3s in one envelope. That is why the 7D732 (and others) uses two rectifier tubes. Maximum plate voltage is recommended at 350 volts RMS from Plate to Center Tap on Power Transformer, or 700 Volts RMS across both plates. Which is about normal for the era we are talking about. As for the Current, maybe someone else can answer that for you.