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Dan Walker
CVRS Member

I have the table version of this radio.
. I can’t tell by the photos ,but there should be a tube [looking from the rear] at the front right .
Those two holes you see are where there used to be two electrolytic capacitors. [C40 and C41]
They were probably replaced sometime in the past with newer ones mounted under the chassis.
This is a link to Pacific TV for the schematics. it also shows you where the specific tubes go.
You will notice that on the schematic there are two bias cells. BC 1 and BC 2 These can be replace with two 1.5 volt watch batteries.
You will need to spray the volume control with a lubricant as they seem to gum up after age.
If your radio does not have a 75 tube You can use a 6Q7 tube.
Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions about the bias cells.
I am no expert on radio repair but I have worked on several Rogers radios, and this one is pretty basic.
The cabinet should not take much to get it presentable.
good luck
Dan in Calgary