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Ralph Spracklin
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Afternoon John, Lee/All

As you know I am in the market for the output transformer we have been discussing above. I have ran across an Outfit in KItchener, Ontario, that, seems to have what I am loking for at the great price (new in box CTL, B320) for the price of $25.00. They seem to have many transformers, including Hammond. They also have a variety of of Grommets, Felt knob washers, Antenna coils, IF Transformers, Dial glasses and silk screened radio dial scales, a variety of Grill Cloths, as well as Vac Tubes. The site is ” antiqueradiosandparts.com ” also goes under the name Merry Tunes. Has anyone had any dealings with this outfit. Indeed they sem to have a lot of products/items that us restorers would need. Yet they never show up in supplier links. So my question is, Are they reputable???