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Ralph Spracklin
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Morning John

This is the second time this week I have made a Post, only to have it completely dissapear

Anyway here goes again.

This type of Radio Telephone was in reality the forerunner of our modern Cell Phones. And this unit of yours with its CN Badge was most likely used by CN in its Service Vehicles, Or on its Busses, etc. They were also used by other larger companies such as truckinging companies and TaxiCab outfits. These units were Big, bulky and heavy. My first such unit, must have weighed twenty-five pounds or more. They were designed to be slung under the dash, on top of the hump in the floor, or the Power Unit would me mounted under the front seat or bolted down in the trunk. My unit was a Motorola, wasmounted, for easy access, on top of the Console between the bucket seats of my Station Wagon. I still have it, collecting dust, somewhere in my basement. International was a large organization with branches in other parts of Canada and the US, and also maybe in other countries. They also pioneered in Touch-Tone, phone systems.