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Ralph Spracklin
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Hello Lee

Sayel Electronics here in Ontario, there use to be one in Barrie, but it closed down. When I am in the area, I go in to the Sayal Store in Vaughn. So far I have been able to get all the bulbs I need. They seem to have a better selection of bulbs in their stores than they show on-line. Usually less than $2.00 each. The ones I usually get were of the 6.3 Volt variety (screw or bayonet). Also the 24-28 Volt type used on the tuning dials of some Majestic, Rogers and Deforest Crosley sets.They have stores in Toronto, Burlington, Cambridge, Markham, Mississauga and Vaughn. See locations on-line. Lots of other things of interest, including, resistors, capacitors, hook-up and winding wire as well as tools andsoldering supplies, etc. etc.