Ralph Spracklin
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Ths is my second post here tonight, the first one dissappeared, Gone! ???
If as you say, the MP3 is working that would mean that the output tube/s is/are, in the Audio section, and everything else in the Audio Output Section is working OK, along with the reproducer/speaker setup. It seems to me that your problem has to be in the RF or IF sections, Do you have a signal tracer to help find where the breakdown is??? It has to be somewhere in the Signal Track. What about he up front vacum tubes, . Have you tried changing them out??? And how are the Grid and Cathode voltages on those up front tubes?? Because you get no sound/voice on any of the bands I would put the Radio on the AM Band, and consentrate on it only. By leaving the other bands switched off, that will help nail down, more quickly, where the problem is located. Check all your coils for continuity, especially your Antenna Coil, Broadcast Coil, and IF Coils. ( they too could be open) Also how are the Grid Bias Voltages and the Cathode Voltages on those, up font tubes. Just trying to prod your mind in case you are overlooking something,