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John Greenland
CVRS Member


Thanks for all the info. I do indeed have the 6 volt unit. I also have a couple of transformers around to build a supply with 6.3 volts for the heaters and 250 volts DC for the B+.

According to the deceptive info I have found the only difference between a 6 volt and a 12 volt versions is in the 12v version that put the heaters in 2 strings of 2 heaters each with a resistor for one of the strings to balance the current.

I am going to replace a couple of the old wax caps first and see if the unit works. Unfortunately the transmitter that was with the package was barbarized by someone who had no clue about what they wee doing and were trying to modify the unit. It seems their useless work resulted in a small fire and an end to their “project “.

Acid core solder does not work well either !