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Dan Walker
CVRS Member

Well I seem to be feeling a bit better.
I took some markers and went over the schematic tracing every wire and now they are in order.
I was going to change the cadohm resistor but after unsoldering the connections ALL the resistance values were very close,
so I re soldered the wires back on.
If you look at the photos you can see how large the cadohm resistor is [across the end of the chassis]
I brought it up with the variac and nothing bad happened, but I could not get a station although my MP3 plays very good through the amp,
and the volume and tone work fine.
Next is to change all the caps ,and recheck the tubes and band switch.
In the past I have found that sometimes a radio will not work until all the caps have been changed.
I am very happy that I have come this far with the radio..
There is still hope.
Dan in Calgary