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Ralph Spracklin
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Morning Doug

I too have an interest in Electrohome Radio Phono Units. Mine is a Sorrento H5210. It has AM/FM, Tape Player complete with Mic input so as I can sing along I guess, and as well a Record Function, and Eight Trac (Wow), Phono is a BSR Changer (With Electrohome’s own Logo). And everything works! It is also a very fine example of Electrohome/Deilcraft Cabinet making. Built in 1980, but I don’t knows if that qualifies it as Vintage or not. Mine also has a Selector Switch, but it is a Round one. Do you have a few pictures of your unit. Is it possible to have your slider switch repaired. Not certain as to the extent of the meaning of the word decapitated. Also, I could not find an example of your unit on-line. However sometimes on KIJIJI, one can find various models of Electrohome Radio Phono Units, for as little as $25.00, and actually, I seen one today for FREE. (Maybe you could ger lucky if you keep watching. As a rule these units do not bring or cost a lot of cash. Although some people want the Farm for them? High prices for these units are not realistic today, but maybe in time that will change. These units will have their future hey-day and place in Vintage Electronics. The attached pics are not of my particular Unit, but is identical in looks and shape/condition.

Regards and Mery Christmas