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Ralph Spracklin
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Morning Dan
How far off is the Dial Poiner. Your problem seems to be pointing to the Alignment of the Oscillator on the Dual Gang Tuning Condenser or to problems with Induction variances on the Broad Cast Oscillator Coil. (‘A’ band) . The Schematic and the Alignment Procedure for the Model 683 is, and should be the same as is required for your Model 675

The following in Red Font is the actual wording on the original Westinghouse Service Manual. Alignment Procedure, for Model W683, which should be very close to that of the Schematic for your W675. These two Radios manufactured about seven years aparte are almost identical, in tube line-up and cabinet design. Any Notes in Brackets are my wording.

Calibrate the tuning dial by adjusting the pointer to the low frequency end of scale with gang condenser plates fully meshed. The pointer should be set at the end of the horizontal line, ( Note: It does not say which horizontal Line or for which Band the Adjustment is made, but they all seem to be the same length anyway) Adjustment is made by loosening the dial drum on the shaft.

Perform alignment in proper order as shown by the accompanying chart. ( Which you don’t have but which, but wich should possibly be identical to that of the same chart for the Model W683 which I am holding in my hand) Note Alignment Positions #s 1 and 2, relate to IF Alignment at 460KC, which for you seems very close to being accurate, as you said the sound comes in loud and clear. This, I think, points the finger at Oscillator section of the tuning Condenser trimmer adjustment on that section of the Tuning Condenser. Adjusting this screw to the left or to the right should move the Frequency Signal to move to the Left or to the Right on the Radio Dial) Dan, how far off is the dial alignment???

There s one more thing which I think could affect the accuracy of the pointer on the dial. I am referring to Alignment Position on my Alignment Chart for the ModelW683, which is what Westinghouse refers to Adjustment Point # 5. This adjustment is made by adjusting the gap on the top turn of the Broad Cast Oscillator Coil which is, I suppose, the turn closest to the metal Pan /Cover/ Shield they use on these radios. They refer to it as bending the wire turn or loop either Up or Down. This procedure, because it is part of the Alignment Process, may be the cause of your problem, About three weeks ago I was attempting to adjust the dial on a transistor radio, when I noticed that on the Oscillator Coil it looked like someone had tampered with the winding. I straightened it out and the Dial Alignment was worse than before. A re-adjustment in the other direction cured the problem.

The General Alignment Procedure, on the brochures for most of these Canadian Westinghouse Radios use the same wording. The only difference on the Alignment Procedure Chart is the location of said adjustment screws/etc. on any particular chassis.

I would send you a copy of this Procedure Chart and the Schematic for the W683 Chassis, but I cannot get the scanner on my Printer to “Scan to Document”

PS: When I purchased my W780Y Radio about 40 years ago, it came with a binder containing most Canadian Westinghouse Schematics for the era from 1935 to 1948, some, of which aee even earlier. But somehow I have misplaced the Schematic for your W675 Model and that of my own W780Y.

Hope you don’t get lost in what I am trying to say. But it really is not complicated.