Ralph Spracklin
CVRS Member

Morning Dan and All

Cdn. Westinghouse manufactured W780 Model in five different sub models, A; B’ C
X and Y, with the X and Y being console Modeels. I know you are probably aware, that
most of what I am going to say, and so really I am saying it for those out there who may
not be aware. the W780X having gained much Radio Honor as being the Radio in the Movie, “The Christmas Story”

There were some minor changes used in the design of the chassis on these models, I suppose more to reflect on the performance, but overall they are really the same.

There is also the W981 Version, which has two more Tubes, one of those tubes used in the Push/Pull Output. It also being an upgraded model had quite an elaborate Tuning Dial Setup.

One other thing I notice on these Models is that they have what they cal the “C” Band which seems to reflect a doubling up of the 31M, 25M, and 19M Bands. Anyone familiar of this arrangement?

Anyway I am using the schematic for this W981 as a guide for the restoration of my own W780Y. for which I still have a few problems to overcome in the front end.

I am also looking of a good clear Hi Definition Picture of the Dial face, taken directly face on, on the outside on an overcast day( to kill reflection, using sky as background ).With a pic such as this I can print it to correct size. I would then install it on the metal dial back plate and have the tuning indicator pass in front of the dial pic. This would satisfy me as to a reasonable facsimile of what it should look like.

Looking forward to seeing your finished product.