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Ralph Spracklin
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Hello Jesse

I think that the problem for most people regarding Console Radios or Radio-Phono Combos, is the size of these units, along with the fact that they do not fit in with modern decor. So for most people it is a no-go. However there are those out there who take a liking to these relics of the past. Considering its age, and the great condition, it is in it could garner up some attention. It must have been stored under exceptionally good environmental conditions. I would think, that the fact that it is a thirteen tube set, would mean that it would be a high-end piece of equipment. I’m also thinking that this unit could drive a 5.1 Speaker System very well, with a high quality of Mono/Stereo sound. Heck, I have a Electrohome Radio-Phono Console from the early seventies, which I should try on my Logitech THX 5.1 Speaker System. If I find the time I just might try that. At a minimum I would have great Hi-Fi Stereo. And hopefully I won’t break any windows from the percussion.

You can also add Blue Tooth to it. Then you would not only have a piece of furniture that you like, but also a great sound system. I think it is too nice a set to rip apart. But then restoration, for me, is the way I would go. Each to his own. It probably would not take a lot to get it up and running quite well. Re-capping it with new capacitors and maybe a vacuum tube might be all you would need. You have already said you plugged it in and tried it. I would assume it never went up in flames or a cloud of smoke. Plugging it in before doing certain safety checks, is something I would not have recommended, But in your case, it seems no harm done, and that says a lot in favor of the set having a real potential.