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Ralph Spracklin
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Hello Again Darren

Because you have not responded to the replies to your CVRS post regarding your Radio’s Domed Glass Lens, I have no way of knowing whether you are following or not. I believe this link below holds the answer to your problem. You can find thes Arcylic Wine Glasses at a multitude of Retail Outlets, such as Stokes, in your Shopping Mall, The Bay, CTC, or your local Party Supply Store, They are to be found in dozens of shapes and sizes. These Arcylic Wine glasses come in a multitude of sizes and shapes, and once you find something close to the size and shape you need, you can go ahead and alter it with a hack saw and few other hand tools and various grades of sand papers. As arcylic is a hard plactic which is unbreakable, and un-yellowing it would be Ideal. It will take a bit of a Craftsman hand to pull it off, but you should be abel to do it, and for vrey little cost. Once prepared tom the perfect surface, using very fine sand paper, it may still not be perfectly clear. You can polish it using a smal buffer pad on a portable battery oerated drill, or you can try using a like pad and some autobody Rubbing Compound found at CTC. You can also pass themilky area you are trying to address, by passing it beneath the flame of a Propane Torch.But you have to be very careful not to damage the surface with too much heat. Once completed you can, if you wish, give it a clear coat of Automotive Finish. Put it into place on your Radio, and Eureka, you have it. I always say where’s there is a will, there is a way. And by the way, Necessity is always the Mother of Invention.