Ralph Spracklin
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Morning Darren

With my experience in glass, I would fabricate my own Glass/Plastic Lens. What are the exact dimentions of this piece of domed Glass, or is it PLASTIC? You will need the Height, and outside diameter of the widest part of your dome, and does it have a flange where it is held into radio cabinet. Use a calipher, if you have one, to get exact measurements. Maybe you will get lucky and find one out there, somewhere, but it may take much time to shop around. I have a number of thoughts and know-how that may work for you. Not everyone wil have the dexterity and the tools, to pull my ideas off, but when your back is against the wall, what do you have to lose???. Do you have any remanents of the original dome??? Both Time and money, can come into play in solving problems like this, and each person mus decide how much of each of these they are wlling to put into a project such as yours???