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Ralph Spracklin
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Hello Gary aand All

The setup here does seem to me at least, a different approach to the usual problems caused by the panel light.(for better or for worse, I am not yet certain). So!! Sorry for my pushing on this, but asking questions on issues such as this, is how I learn, and how I get to wrap my mind around things. As to what they were thinking when they, the engineers. did things a certain way.

However, I am thinking, and maybe I am wrong, that the use of the 7 watt bulb, and should it fail, would put extra current across the filament of the 35W4. Could it be that the filament on the 12AT6 was already the weakest point in the filament chain, and thus caused it to fail therefore saving the 35W4 from failure??? Bail me out guys, especially if I am wrong.