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Ralph Spracklin
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Hey Dan

Have you had any luck identifying this chassis or radio model. Sometime ago I read an article on how Rogers, would at least sometimes, send out to its agents/distributors across Canada, a trial model of the chassis, of a proposed new set (in a test cabinet) to get their input on that particular model. Could it be that this radio of yours could possibly be one of those new test models. (This of course was prior to a full pruduction run).

Also, within the same line-of-thought in the back of my mind, when I look at the pic of your radio back view (Picture is very blurred) it seems that the lettering on the Model and Name Tags, has been blocked intentionaly. (maybe I’m seeing things ) a sharper pic of the tag would clear that up. So I again ask, “Could this Radio be an experimental model, which never made the grade” ????