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Ralph Spracklin
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Hello Eric
Grundig is/was a premium Radio Brand, manufactured in West Germany. In looks and component-wise, it has a very similar look to my AEG/Telefunken model radios. It shared a lot of things in common, such as components, tube line-ups. I am not certain what year it was, early eighties, I think, that Grundig took over AEG/Telefunken. At one time Grundig was partially owned by the Philips Corp. of the Netherlands. My AEG, Banjo is one of my favorite radio sets, and at the present time I am in the process of restoring it. However, during WWII, AEG used forced labor in the production of their Radios and Appliances. which still leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many.

As to the value of your Radio, as to all Vintage Radios, that is question which has a broad range of answers, See on the main page of this CVRS Site, the LINK entitled. “What’s my old radio worth”