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Ralph Spracklin
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Whle this post is for Doug, it is, of course for all.

Doug, I have tried tweeking VR704, near those two heatsinks, but I have not achieved any positive results, as a matter of fact very little negative results either .How do I determine,on this main board, what components are the oscillator part of the circuit?? I am going to inventory all electroloytics used in this set, and replace them one at a time to see what results I can get. . Also I’ve checked all those caps for bulged tops, and they al look OK. My multimeter has a capacitor check function, but I am not certain how reliable it is but I will give that a try also. Actually there are only about a dozen plus Electrolytic Cans on this board. Because I do not have a big inventory of Low Voltage/Low Value Electrolytics, I will place an order with ‘Just Radio’ for those I need and then some.
While I am researching on those TV sets and learning fast, I cannot yet find online anything related to those multible images on screen.
I have also found a third identical Brand of TV, It s an Orion, Model 7152. I would guess that there are still other retailers/outtfits etc. out there who have the same sets branded as ther own. Maybe I will get lucky and come up with a Schematic fo one of these brands.