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Ralph Spracklin
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Hey Doug

I will take you up on your offer by phone. However for the sake of those who may be following this post of mine, I would also like to continue the line of thought in solving this problem on line. Maybe it will attract some of the TV hobyiests out there to this our Vintage Radio Site. They both go hand in hand and maybe, also it could boost our Membership. I myself am also, already expanding my own knowledge of Vintage Electronics. This Sears TV is a Black and White set, And already I would like to pick up one of these Portable Sets in Color. That would look good on my work bench.

I have also noticed from one of my posted pics, that the Pot VR704 looks very dirty. Maybe I will try cleaning it up, and I hope that cleaning it could solve the problem???

Again thanks for your input. You seem to have a good take on these Portable TV sets. Also to others, there are plenty of such Portable TVs out there, for litle or no cost. Get your feet wet!