Doug Parker
CVRS Member

Apon looking at the images that you had posted I do believe that since you have a full screen from top to bottom (Vertically) and you have 4 partial images that are across the screen from left to right that you have a horizontal oscillator problem. Looking at your chassis pictures there are numerous low quality electrolytics. Usually they are to blame for a majority of failures on a transistorized unit. Also any caps that are within close proximity of heatsinks are prone to fail due because the caps are usually rated at 85 degree Celcius. When swapping them out always use 105 degree.
Small 1 ufd to 10 ufd caps are frequently used in oscillator circuits.

Potentiometer VR704 is near two heatsinked T220 styled transistors. Since you have the tv out of the case hook it up to your vcr that you are using for signal and give that pot a tweak either way to see what changes on your picture. That will give you a clue if it is on the vertical circuit or the horizontal circuit. Just make sure that you put it back to where you started if there is no change.

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