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Ralph Spracklin
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I have solved the mystery of those two elusive capacitors. I thought I had traced out everything including three .05 Mf Caps. on the schematic. I stumbled upon the third whichwas a like cap and it was marked as .05 Mf, and it was identical to the two problem caps. Actually, as to the 10-47 markings on those caps, I think these markings represent the date of manufacturer by Aerovox. In this case October 1947. Anyway I should have figured it was something simple. I am making progress on this unit. The sound and volume for the Phono is now working OK. This unit was manufactured in 1950. Maybe the problem with the Radio is one of the up-front tubes or something in the RF/IF section. Surprisingly the electrolytics seem OK, no hum whatsoever, but they will have to go, along with a couple of questionable resistors and the three ,05 caps. Of course there is still the cabinet to refinish, and the Record Changer too, which needs a overhaul.

Thanks for your input.