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Ralph Spracklin
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Morning Bill and Dan

Dan, it looks like you are correct on this switch set-up. Upon studying other RCA period circuits, it seems that similar models were equiped with such a switch called a Radio Phono Switch. It seems this switch needs to be in CLOSED position for radio reception. As for the Phono Pick-up connection RCA apparently used a Thumb Screw type of pick-up atachment. Although Bill says his radio has a phono jack. Maybe someone at sometime in the past made some changes and installed a Phono Jack. The Schematic for this radio shows this switch as S12-PC, and I assume that means Phono Connection. or Radio/Phono Connection Switch. So I am wondering if this Phono Jack is original to this set. Some hi-diff pics of switch and jack, from both the outside of the chassis, as well as the wiring connections inside the chassis would be helpful here.
The scematic link below shows about eleven pages of information on this set in fine detail. Page158 is the schematic and page 159 shows an artist rendition of the wiring diagram itself. Lots of other anomolies on those RCA radios also, in particular the use of a resistor board to keep resistors together in one place, similar to what Rogers done on some models. (Which I despise)
And by the way, this World Radio site and its “RCA Radio Notes”, which covers many years of Radios, Phono Graphs, TVs,Test Equipment and Tools, etc. is one great site.

PS: Please note regarding my editing changes as to schematic and wiring page numbers. And these page numbers refer to the numbers reflected by the software itself, not the numbers reflected as per the Service Note Document.