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Ralph Spracklin
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Hey Dan

This Dial Glass you are looking for is of very small diameter. There are many Vintage Radios, or not so vintage for that matter that have larger diameter dial glasses. You may already have such a discarded radio cabinet from which you can salvage a larger glass. Then if you know someone at a local glass shop, and who has a Wet Grinder, they could scribe it to size and grind it down to proper diameter for you. Having spent 25 years in the glass business, I have even chopped down and ground curved automobile windshields without loosing them. With the proper sized salvaged clock face, a good glass man could solve your problem. Also not all clock dial glasses would have ‘too raised a bubble’. The large the face the less bubble curvature to deal with and the easier to cut down. Lots of old cheap clocks in places like Value Village or the Sally-Anne Shops, that you could scout out for five to ten bucks. Worth a try!! As a matter of fact I am holding in my hand, a not so old old wind up alarm clock on which the glass measures 4 1/2 inches in diameter with very little of a raised bubble, and it fits my DeForest Saturn, which is what your radio is. Where there’s a will there’s a way!