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Ralph Spracklin
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Hello Again Sterling

Hope you had a good time at the cabin. This is the second time today I made a post to you. I made one very early this AM and it did appear in this particular post Title, but when I went back to it later today it had dissappeared. I also made a post to John Greenland earlier and it also disappeared. Not certain what going on with the site. Anyway, after looking more closely at the measurements, I am certain that even the ones you have are too small. I am already in the process of fabricating a new socket, using the top-side tube plate and the old pin clips. I crafted two disks (if I can call them that) from counter-top Formica and glued them together with crazy glue, as Formica is a little to thin. All rhat remains is to insert the tube pin clips, and I will have a socket that is far superior and stronger than the orginal wafer sockets. And too, it will look like like the real thing. Sorry to mess you guys around on this. But these darn wafer sockets were made a bit on the cheap side and very flimsy to say the least. And as for the socket holes in the chassis, they are massive on this radio.