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What Tony meant by “Hope your radio has been re-capped before you use it full time” he meant that all the old wax/paper capacitors (caps) should be changed out with modern capacitors as 9 times out of 10 these capacitors are leaky, and worse yet the filter capacitors probably have long dried up, and if a transformer set were to be plugged in you could take out the rectifier tube or worse yet the transformer. I doubt your set has a power transformer as it is basically an AA5.That is why the electrolytic filter capacitors are (at the least) changed out with the same values as what the schematic calls for before powering up a set.
Now regarding value of an Addison 5A I take it that it is the wooden version of the Addison Catalin courthouse model 5, I can tell you the wooden version is very scarce, even more scarce than it’s Catalin cousin, however it is worth no way near the amount of $$$ people pay for a Catalin courthouse. In this hobby the value of these radios are “whatever one will pay”. I however have seen these sets SELL in the past on ebay for $1000-$1500. Hope this answers your questions.