Ralph Spracklin
CVRS Member

Hello Doug

While I am by no means yet an expert on these things, I will attempt to explain it.

This 35W4 Tube was designed in the mind-set that it could be used in a circuit using a Dial Lamp or without a Dial Lamp. That is why the the filament on this tube is Tapped. Because your Radio uses the Dial Lamp, a a Shunt Resistor is needed. Obiviously the Design Engineer, did not include it in the one schematic as it was not needed because that schematic was for a model that did not have a Dial Light. Therefore your Radio, because it has a pilot light and the resistor, it will be OK, with no added failure dangers to the 35W4 tube itself. The resistor acts as a fail-safe (not certain if that is the correct word to use). should the Dial lamp go out. Let’s see what others on this site think of my explanation. See data provided on Franks Radio Data Site for the 35W4 tube. And by the way this Dial Lamp should be a #40 or a #47. And the 33 ohm R15 resistor according to the schematic is correct.