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Ralph Spracklin
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Well I’m moving ahead on this tuning assembly. After four tries using my home made fabricated copper tuning cables, I gave up on that approach, and reverted back to fabricating one from four strands of stainless airline cable. It is stiffer than the original cable but I am certain, much stronger. I ran into a secondary problem also, when re-threading the new cable(s) I noticed that the cable take-up on the lower pulley wheel did not line up straight with the cable as it was feed from the pins on the cable guide, which was causing the cable itself to cris-cross over itself, causing the assembly to bind as one turned the dial. I finished re-doing the cable today. This was an original factory problem. I solved the problem by moving the cable guide further down the bracket to which it was attached. I done this by drilling two new holes, and reattaching the bracket with two screws and nuts. (See Photo Below) I also epoxyed a small piece of bushing over each of the two pins on the cable guide. This to compensate for the thicker/stronger stainless cable, so that it did not have to bend so much as it rounded the pins. It all works very smoothly now.

As I said in an earlier post, the dial face was dented and scratched and needed filling and painting. I done the repair with auto-body filler and re-sprayed it black. Looks like new now. Over all it took more time than I planned. But it was a learning experience, and I can just about do it with my eyes closed, should I have to do it again. I have also rewired it all, as the original wiring on the tuning assembly was badly deteriorated .

Note: What are those two Red components shown in the wiring diagram below. They don’t seem to me to be original. I have not seen them before. Are they just some kind of added connector?