Dan Walker
CVRS Member

I would have to say that my favorite radio is a Rogers 10-12.
Since it was Rogers 10th anniversary [1935] , they put quite a bit of special treatment in the cabinet ,not to mention the Chrome chassis
and speaker. It had 12 tubes so they called it the 10-12. The first one I bought didn’t have a power supply or a clock,but I only paid $25.00 for it.
I put an add out for a power supply and a fellow told me he had the whole radio for sale for $300.00. I bought the radio and now I have two 10-12 radios.
I recapped both radios and refinished the cabinet on one of them. The other one has the original finish but no clock or power supply.
The first one I got had a huge mouse nest it . I am still looking for a power supply.
Here are some photos and a link to my you tube video

Dan in Calgary